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The overall thought is something I have mentioned before but seems appropriate in light of the tragedy that has awakened the hearts of so many. Our hearts ache for the families of the victims and also for those that might not show physical injures but will forever carry with them the mark, the scar from this event. But as have read peoples thoughts and heard the words of the President I can’t stop thinking about how it takes tragedy for the rest of us to truly take stock of what matters. It is in this light that we start to understand what matters and what we think matters.

But this is the rub, what are the things that matter? Are they the dreams, hopes and desires that spur us on in our day to day? Are they money, careers, and the American dream? Is it friends, family and people? I have gotten to a point in life that I know the answers are different for each person, as least for the most part. Because when it comes down to it the one thing that people put in that list of things that matter over and over again are friends, family and people.

From the beginning we have been in need of one another but too often we forget how much we mean to each other until that moment when we realize just how quickly those people/relationships can be gone. James says that life is but a vapor in other words life is but a moment and I guess as I try to close this thought I would ask how do we live each day realizing what matters and putting it in its proper place and not waiting for tragedy to give us perspective.



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I have pondering this date for about two weeks I have been trying to think of the right sentiment and I think I may have come up with something Jeff would have appreciated. It has been said that time heals all wounds but I have been struggling with that concept. The more and more I sit and think about it the more it might be true it’s the timetable that trips us up. At first I wanted to say that time may not heal our wounds but that we learn to cope, we learn how to walk with our wound. And that is a true statement because as we heal we will learn to walk and wake up and go about our day and as with any healing wound there are moments in which we still ache and hurt and the pain is just as strong as before. But I believe there is a moment in which we go from wound to scar. I can look at my body and I can tell you the story behind most of my scars. There is a spot on my leg where a plastic picture frame broke and stuck into my leg and I can remember that it was around the time my sister was getting ready to go to college and that afternoon we went to see a movie (I believe it was Robin Hood: Men in Tights). There are scars on my hands from when I worked at Toys R Us (knuckles and sprockets) and scars on my hands I really don’t remember getting yet they are right there. So what’s the point of all of this I think I am finally in the scar stage of healing, some might think this is the final stage but it isn’t because the scar stands as a road mark a memory that still burns bright. As I sit here in Starbucks I am flooded with emotions and memories, I can remember things from the night and day I found about Jeff’s death it is odd things that I remember but they stand to remind me…But this scar has more weight than just that moment yes it reminds me of thoughts and conversations and moments it makes me think of what ifs but I believe maybe most importantly it challenges me to make sure my life is a great story and to live life to the full. Yes I miss my friend but I want to thank Jeff for being an incredible example and challenging me still.

Reset Button

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I was playing NCAA Football on Xbox and I was killing the team I was playing and the announcer on the game said depending on the team you are rooting for you may be about to hit the reset button. I know we each have days or weeks or months or years that we wish we could hit the reset button. In the game world you can hit the reset button but you retain all the knowledge you gained before you reset. And therein lies the rub (it’s a Shakespeare quote). There are times we want the knowledge but we don’t want the experiences that give us the knowledge. We want to be able to download the knowledge but without the pain or embarrassment or failure. But it is those experiences that shape and make us. This knowledge about knowledge doesn’t make it easier because there are things we have learned we never wanted to learn. But we have experienced those things and now the question is what are we going to do with that? The old adage says with knowledge comes responsibility. So I guess the question becomes what is the responsible thing to do?

No Shave November

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So I have taken part in my second no shave November. I was made aware of no shave November by one of my students who while at college decided to take up the challenge of not shaving for the month of November. (I do not know the full history of No Shave November but like Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day I am sure Hallmark is involved.) Last year I keep my beard on until Easter and by the end I looked like a mountain man. This is funny because I am not a mountain man but a suburban man. Have you ever thought about the suburbs? It is close to the city but it isn’t city and if the city begins to get to close it is abandoned for a “safer place”. But it isn’t country either with fields and wild life (Our relationship with wildlife is odd and don’t get me started on geese.). The suburbs are a blend of both with little commitment to either, if one part bothers us we get rid of it. This reminds me a little of the life we are called to lead as Christians. We are called to be in the world but not of the world. The balance is delicate because if we veer to much one way we lose who we are called to be and if we veer to much the other way we lose connection with those we are called to reach.

World Hunger

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So my sister has developed this saying, “is this a world hunger issue”. This goes along with something I have on the desktop of my computer, “does it matter or do I just think it does” I have been using this idea as one of the lenses in which I look at things lately and it is a work in progress. There are times people will bring things up and I want to ask them compared to the millions of people without food or water is this really worth fighting over. But recently I’ve had to step back and I discovered that from their perspective it is that important. The question is can they use their words to help others understand why this is so important to them, instead of just rambling or verbally vomiting all over people. What’s my point? Life isn’t simple. We may never know the battles people are fighting everyday and they may be making this thing…this issue equal to world hunger because it is the only thing in their life they can control. So is it a world hunger issue…maybe?

I’m Lou

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So the other day I was ordering a pizza; I did not have the number so I walked in and placed my order. The woman at the counter asked my name and she told me I looked like a Lou. Lou. I was a little confounded and said thanks and sat down and watched football as they cooked my pizza. Lou. How do you look like a name? What is the proper response? Thank you, I agree and in fact that’s what I was going to change it to? I asked some of my students if I looked like a Lou and got mixed answers of what I looked like but none thought, Lou. As I thought about this more, I thought about this spiritually. If I call myself a follower of Christ I am taking his name. I am applying it to my life and when I tell others I am a Christian do they think…nah you don’t look like Christ… look more like a jerk. As I thought about that I realized how much we have trashed His name. I don’t want Christ to look bad because I look nothing like Him and everyone can see that but me. (By the way sorry if your name is Lou. I am sure you are a great person and you have a great name. I mean no disrespect.)

Rotate to Motivate

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Why do we do what we do and don’t do what we don’t do? I’ve been thinking about motivation lately. It started as I was planning my return to running and felt no motivation to get out and run, so I asked the million dollar question: Why? I realized running for me was all about the goal. Training for the 5k was all about completing the 5k. So I asked myself, is everything I do motivated by the goal. I can honestly say that I am not expressly motivated by the goal. Sometimes it’s about duty; I do because it is the right thing to do. And it’s about responsibility; I do because I’m supposed to. And it is about me; I do because I want to. Motivation is not a constant it is something that changes person to person and experience to experience. So, why we do what we do and don’t do what we don’t do? I can sit here and theorize and philosophize but the true answer…the honest answer is… I don’t know. And I’m okay with that (for now).